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52-Week Sunday School Bundle

52-Week Sunday School Curriculum Bundle (download)

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Click here to download the 2022 scope & sequence and see everything that's included in this amazing limited time deal.

Don't start the ministry year without a plan. Save time and money with our 52-Week Curriculum Bundle for your Sunday School or Children's Ministry. We include a weekly teaching schedule and print-ready Bible lessons for every Sunday from January to December 2022.

Be Ready Every Sunday

  • Simply follow the scope & sequence for the 2022 calendar. This bundle includes everything you need for holidays and seasonal themes.
  • Keep kids attention and engage them with Gospel truth. Each lesson has includes "more than enough" and is flexible for wide age-ranges. Choose the lesson elements that work best with your group.
  • You can easily email the digital files to volunteers or co-teachers.
  • Ideal for age 6-12 and flexible for small churches who combine age-groups. Each lesson includes "more than enough" so you can choose what works best in your ministry.
  • NIV or ESV translation is used in the visuals.

Save Your Church $511 

We know budgets are tight and created this deal with small churches in mind. Each lesson series included could be purchased separately for $608.  With this bundle you get a full-year of ministry curriculum for only $97. Plus you can use and re-use these powerful lessons year after year.

Bonus #1 We've included access to our massive 450+ coloring page vault. This will bless your church for years to come. You get all our free & paid coloring downloads in one easy download. Plus hundreds of bonus coloring pages from

Bonus #2 We've included access to the 4 music videos from our Torchbearers VBS. These are word-for-word scripture songs from Seed Family Worship that present a complete gospel outline.. There is no better way to plant the Gospel message in a child's heart. 

Click here to see everything included in this bundle. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christina Hiebenthal
Pretty dang good

Really love all the content, no problems downloading, love the week to week schedule even though we are already off it due to covid absences. The lessons are very adaptable to group size which is awesome for little classes. Only thing I wish was that the pages were identified a little better when it comes to game/activity pages. When you're looking at it cold turkey it is sometimes hard to figure out what pages are being referred to and ya gotta look over it again and again to know which pages are being written about. Just a bit clunky. If the posters or game or activity pages were labeled this page goes with each section of the lesson that would be very helpful.

Thanks so much for that encouragement and advice on making the material better. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

~ Tony

Becky Galope
It's a blessing !

It's a blessing to have these materials available to all our Sunday school teachers . It's easy to follow and fits exactly the needs for our Sunday School Program . Thanks for putting these together for us .

Myrna Henson
SS material

I haven't used the material yet but have like what I have seen as I study it. I look forward to using it as most fits the ages in our Sunday School.

Christi DiFalco
Affordable and quality

Thank you for having an affordable, quality Sunday School curriculum that small churches can afford!

Ashley M.
Timely, Spirit Led, Easy to Understand and Teach!

This past Christmas season, I had a bit of an epiphany, or rude awakening, whichever description works best, regarding my Children's Ministry class, and the approach I had been taking about their education. Up until COVID-19 hit, my core group had always been around 10-15 children, aged 2-11. These were always broken into smaller pods, each with a different teacher. I taught those aged 4-11. Well, after the COVID-19 shutdown, that core group stopped showing up, and we re-grouped with who did. In our case, it was the littles, aged 2-6 and no one else. I realized very quickly that they had been skaing by on general knowledge of the Bible and God, but that when it came to Jesus, salvation, Holiness... they knew next to nothing. I immediately began praying about how to best minister to this group, and wouldn't you know, the very next week I received an email from the Sunday School Store that was an answered prayer! We had our first lesson from 01/02/2022 on The Bible and God's Plan for Salvation on this Sunday, and it was so perfect! Thank you so much for creating quality content! Keep up the Good Work!
With Love,
Ashley Murphy

Sandra Todd
Manageable and Informative

I enjoy Sunday School Works because it is easy to follow and adaptable to various age groups. Thank you!

52 - Week Sunday school Curriculum Bundle

Had been looking for exactly this kind of curriculum for our new Bible group. Has lots of material to use , more than I need. Thank you for the small cost you offer.

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