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Bethany Darwin

In the Beginning (free sample lesson) The Greatest Story Every Told

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Download this free sample lesson In the Beginning. Teach the story of creation and help children understand how the very good beginning fits into the plot of God's relationship to his people. 

All children love a good story. Now, get them excited about the GREATEST story ever told!

This series will help you walk children through the BIG Story of the Bible and see the overarching theme of God in relationship with His people. Through familiar and sometimes less-familiar stories, children will see Jesus as the Promised One who can to save His people from sin and death.

Lessons are designed to be taught in a 1-hour setting for children ages 5-11 (K-5th grade). Each lesson includes an introductory activity, worship through singing (with links to suggested songs), multiple ideas for telling the Bible story, an opportunity to see where this story fits into the storyline of the Bible, suggested worship songs with links, application activities, weekly memory verses with activities, worksheet pages to use as review or send home, and journal pages to go along with the lesson. These journal pages can be printed as needed and completed in class and sent home, or you can have the books printed and bound and at the end of the year, kids will be able to take home the full story of the Bible.


    • Introductory Activity
    • Suggested Worship Songs
    • Bible Teaching
    • Teaching Activities
    • Memory Verse Activity
    • Prayer Prompts
    • Kid's Journals
    • Worksheet Pages


    • Perfect for ages 5-11 (grades K-6 in the USA)
    • 13-weeks of teaching material
    • 130+ pages of material
    • Requires 45-60 minutes per lesson
    • Versions available: NIV or KJV
    • This is an instant download curriculum

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    Koang Puot
    The tall building of Babel .

    Tall building like nowadays as tower , it was built long time ago by the generation of people,they planned to built it b/se they could talk to God closely.