Bethany Darwin's Blog

  • Teaching Toddlers About God

    If you're regularly around any toddlers, you know two things.
    1. Toddlers are full of energy and
    2. Toddlers are constantly learning and absorbing truth from all around them.

    So, how do we make sure that toddlers are learning about God while they're also learning all about the world around them? 

    Believe it or not, you do it by putting their energy to good use. You use that energy to teach them through motions, songs, games, and movement. 

  • Faith Over Fear: Pointing Our Children to Christ in Unprecedented Times

    We live in unprecedented times, full of all kinds of emotions. There's anxiety, confusion, sadness, anger, fear and so much more. It's in the midst of all of this fear, that the new curriculum "Faith over Fear" comes in. “Faith Over Fear” is a 5-week Sunday School series designed to point your kids to God as their hope and refuge.