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It's like a praise party! Teaching Psalms in Your Children's Ministry with Sing Jump Shout!

Welcome to Sing! Shout! Jump! 6-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum in the Psalms. This Sunday school curriculum is designed to help kids learn about worshipping God. Through fun and engaging lessons, kids will be able to understand the importance of worship and how they can praise God in their everyday lives.

Each lesson in this six-week curriculum covers a different aspect of worship, including why we worship, how we worship, and what our attitude should be when we worship. Each lesson also includes a variety of fun activities, such as crafts, games, and discussion questions, to help reinforce the concepts being learned.

“Sing! Shout! Jump!” will have multiple 6-lesson units released over time. These 6-week units are perfect to use as filler between longer series, or individual lessons can be used on their own as lessons don’t really build on each other. 

In this first series of “Sing! Shout! Jump!” kids will be introduced to the book of Psalms and look at the first six Psalms.

  • Psalm 1 – Walk in His Ways
  • Psalm 2 – Run to God
  • Psalm 3 – Cry Out to God
  • Psalm 4 – Lie Down and Trust God
  • Psalm 5 – Ask God to Deliver
  • Psalm 6 – Plead for Mercy

“Sing! Shout! Jump!” is based on a popular series on, with multiple additions and improvements. In this version, you’ll find memory verses with learning activities, suggested worship songs, more discussion/ commentary on the Psalm being taught, application activities, memory verse posters, and printables, including weekly worksheets and coloring pages that can be bound together to form a workbook.

Why Do Kids Need to Learn about Worshipping God?

kids need to learn how to worship god because it is important for them to develop a relationship with him. When they worship God, they are acknowledging his power and majesty and express their love and devotion to him. Additionally, through worshiping God, kids learn to submitting to his will and resign themselves to following his commands. Ultimately, by learning how cope withlossesand life's trials through regular praise and prayer.. In an increasingly difficult world, a young person who worships God will have an immense advantage.

One of the most important things that kids need to learn is how to worship God. Worship is how we show our love and appreciation for who He is and what He has done for us. It is also a way of magnifying His greatness and exalting Him above everything else in our lives.

When we worship God, we are entering into His presence and allowing Him to fill us with His peace and joy. It is a time when we can forget about our problems and focus on praising Him. Worship also helps to build our faith as we stand Firm on His promises declaring them over our lives.

Kids need to learn how to worship God because it is essential for their spiritual growth. As

How to Teach Kids about Praise and Worship for Jesus

Different families will have different approaches to how they teach their kids about praiising and worshiping Jesus. However, here are a few tips that may be helpful:

First, it's important to model praise and worship for your kids. If you're regularly attending church and participating in worship yourself, your kids will be more likely to follow suit. You can also try singing praise songs together as a family or watching Christian music videos online.

Second, explain to your kids why we praise and worship God. Help them understand that when we praise and worship Jesus, we're thanking Him for His love and mercy and proclaiming Him as Lord of our lives. 

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