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Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages (26 pages) Teacher Talking Points

Mandy Groce

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This printable coloring book includes 26 pages that illustrate each letter of the English alphabet with a biblical theme.  Here's what you get in this download.

  • Combined PDF with all 26 pages
  • NEW - Teacher talking points for each page to help start conversations with your students. 
  • NEW - Suggested Bible verses for each letter (ESV and KJV included)
  • JPEG folder - with all the individual sheets as graphic files
  • PDF folder - with all the individual sheets as print-friendly PDF files
  • Permission to copy, print, share
  • A hassle-free printable activity for any Sunday School or Children's Ministry setting

These are perfect for preschool or younger elementary children. Each letter of the alphabet has a Biblical theme chosen by our readers.

Craft time becomes teaching time with the teacher talking points and suggested scripture quotes. 

Printable Letters in Our Bible Alphabet
B is for BIBLE
C is for CHRIST
F is for FAITH
G is for GOD’S GRACE
H is for HEAVEN
I is for ISRAEL
J is for JESUS
K is for KING of KINGS
L is for LOVE
M is for Messiah
N is for NEW LIFE
P is for PRAYER
R is for Resurrection
S is for SAVIOR
T is for TRUST
U is for UNITY
V is for Victory
W is for WORSHIP
X is for eXcellent
Y is for Yahweh
Z is for Zion

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About this Coloring Book

This project was first published as individual sheets on

Our updated version included extensive teacher notes and conversation starters to transform each coloring sheet into a relational learning experience. 

This resource is now formatted into a convenient new format that provides you everything needed to print, copy, and enjoy this artwork with your students.

Also exclusive to the Sunday School Store, each page now includes suggested Bible verses for discussion or memorization. We value your time, so the scriptures are included with both ESV and King James versions.


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