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Mandy Groce

God's Good Creation - 23 Page Coloring Book & Teacher Talking Points

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This printable coloring book includes 23  pages that illustrate the biblical story of God creating the world.  Here's what you get with your instant download

  • Combined PDF with all 23 coloring pages for easy printing
  • NEW - Teacher talking points for each page to help start conversations with your students. 
  • NEW - Suggested Bible verses for each letter
  • PDF folder - with all the individual sheets as print-friendly PDF files
  • JPEG folder - with all the individual sheets as graphic files
  • Full permission to copy, print, share
  • A hassle-free printable activity for any Sunday School or Children's Ministry setting

Craft time becomes teaching time with the teacher talking points and suggested scripture quotes. 

Coloring Pages Included (each with scripture reference and teacher talking points)

Days of Creation Pages (11 pages)

  • Day 1 - Let there be light
  • Day 1 - Let there be light (alt version)
  • Day 2 - God made the sky & sea
  • Day 3 - God made dry land
  • Day 3 - Let the land produce
  • Day 4 - Signs and seasons
  • Day 5 and 6 - God filled the creation with life
  • Day 5 and 6 - God made all the animals
  • Day 7 - God called it very good
  • Day 7 - God rested in his good work

Bible Verses & Themes about Creation (6 pages)

  • The Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God Habakkuk 2.14
  • BOY VERSION -  I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139.14
  • GIRL VERSION - I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139.14
  • The heavens declare the glory of God Psalm 19:1
  • Book of Genesis Bible Coloring Page
  • A is for Almighty (pictures God holding the world in his hand)

Praising God for the Four Seasons (6 pages)

  • Autumn
  • Spring 
  • Spring (alt version)
  • Summer
  • Summer (alt version)
  • Winter

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About this Coloring Book

Many of the pages in this project was first published as individual sheets on

Our updated version included extensive teacher notes and conversation starters to transform each coloring sheet into a relational learning experience. 

This resource is now formatted into a convenient new format that provides you everything needed to print, copy, and enjoy this artwork with your students.

Also exclusive to the Sunday School Store, each page now includes suggested Bible verses for discussion or memorization. We value your time, so the scriptures are included with both ESV.

Customer Reviews

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Weldon Langat



I wanted more information on the coloring sheets themselves, so I added the day number and a scripture or theme to each of the 7 days.


This is just amazing material. Kudos to sundaschool team for this precious materials that our children are enjoying.

bobbi eure

I did make a copy. I haven’t used all of it yet. It looks very good. I don’t use coloring sheets a whole lot but several of these look interesting. Material is good. Thank you.

Creation Coloring Book and Conversation

We're using this for a summer connection resource with our kids and encouraging the parents to have conversations with their kids while spending quality time with them. We think it'll be great for kids to know we're thinking of them even if we don't see them again until fall as sometimes happens.

Great material

Great material, good starting points for getting kids grounded in the Word

Tony Kummer
The Classic

Mandy's talent is the standard. I've used these coloring pages year after year with my Sunday School class to help kids experience the beauty of God's work of creation.