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Maps: 4-Week Sunday School Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

Maps: 4-Week Sunday School Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

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Kids need a reliable guide to navigate life’s journey in a world filled with countless directions and choices. "Maps: 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum" teaches that God gives us directions for life through the Bible, showing us the best path to follow. Each week, children will explore engaging Bible stories that highlight the importance of obedience to God's Word, from Noah's navigation of the flood to the Good Samaritan’s acts of love. Through these lessons, kids will learn that Jesus is the ultimate way to heaven, providing the most important direction for eternal life. This curriculum helps children understand that by following God's guidance, they can find true purpose and joy, making it crucial for their spiritual growth and daily living.

Lesson 1: Noah's Navigation (Genesis 6:9-22, 7:1-24, 8:1-22)

Lesson Theme: Obedience to God's Word leads to safety and salvation.

Gospel Connection: Just as Noah followed God's instructions and was saved from the flood, we are saved by following Jesus, who is our ultimate salvation. Jesus is the way to eternal life.

Lesson 2: Moses' Map (Exodus 19:1-20:21)

Lesson Theme: God's commandments provide a moral compass for our lives.

Gospel Connection: The commandments show us our need for a Savior. Jesus fulfilled the law and offers us grace. Believing in Jesus leads us to eternal life.

Lesson 3: Jonah's Detour (Bible Story: Jonah 1-4)

Lesson Theme: Running away from God's direction leads to trouble, while obedience brings blessings.

Gospel Connection: Jonah's story shows the need for repentance and obedience. Jesus calls us to repent and believe in Him for eternal life.

Lesson 4: Traveling Mercies (Bible Story: Luke 10:25-37)

Lesson Theme: Following God's Word involves loving and helping others.

Gospel Connection: Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor and demonstrates the ultimate act of love by dying for our sins. Believing in Jesus and following His example leads to eternal life.

Setting: Children’s Church or Sunday School

Translation: This study is written to work with any Bible translations.

Why Choose "Maps" for Your Children's Ministry Lessons

Equip your Sunday school or children's ministry with "Maps: 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum," a powerful tool designed to guide kids on their spiritual journey with engaging and impactful lessons. In today's world, children face numerous directions and choices, and it's more important than ever to provide them with a reliable compass—God's Word. This curriculum not only teaches kids the importance of following God's directions through timeless Bible stories, but also emphasizes the Gospel message that Jesus is the ultimate way to eternal life. By integrating familiar concepts like GPS and mapping apps, these lessons are relatable and captivating for modern kids. Invest in "Maps" to help your children understand and embrace the path God has for them, fostering their spiritual growth and equipping them with the guidance they need to navigate life's challenges. This curriculum is an invaluable resource for any church committed to nurturing the faith and future of their youngest members.

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      • Easy to teach lesson plan
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      Perfect for Children's Ministry, Kids Church, or Sunday School

      Use this Bible study in your children's ministry, kids' church, or Sunday School. Our curriculum includes everything you need to keep the children's attention, get them into God's Word, and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

      • pages PDF download
      • perfect for children aged 6 to 12 (Kindergarten to 6th grade)
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