On-Screen Children's Ministry Games Bundle (download only)

On-Screen Children's Ministry Games Bundle (download only)

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The kids in your church will love this creative and interactive on-screen game zoomed in on favorite foods. See who can name the foods before everyone else. Play these super fun games in your Children’s Ministry that gets everyone involved. It’s time to zoom!

This bundle includes 12 different on-screen game videos. The download file is a very large ZIP folder containing the following individual videos' as .mov files (compatible with Apple Devices, Windows Computers, and all presentation software).

  1. Name That Candy Bar
  2. Name That Candy
  3. Name That Cereal
  4. Name That Fruit
  5. Name That Veggie
  6. Name That VBS Snack
  7. Name That Snack Vol. 1
  8. Name That Snack Vol. 2
  9. Name That Food Vol. 1
  10. Name That Food Vol. 2
  11. Name That Food Vol. 3
  12. Name That Food Vol. 4

Kids Love Zoom Out Games

A zoom out guessing game video for kids is a great way to keep them entertained while they learn. These videos features a short clip of an item extremely close "zoomed in." The kids are challenged to guess the object as the video begins to zoom out so that the children can see more of the context. This type of video is not only entertaining, but it also helps to develop critical thinking skills.

Children's Church Game Videos

Watch the video clip preview or download the free sample game to try this teaching approach in your children's ministry or Sunday School. 

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a ZIP download file after completing the check-out process. Because of all of the incredible elements in this game, it is too large of a file to host directly on our site. Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.

What is an On-Screen Game for Children's Ministry?

On-screen games are a great way to engage children in ministry. By providing a visual element, on-screen games can help kids to understand and participate in the lesson. On-screen games can also be used to reinforce key concepts or challenge kids to think critically about the material. While there are many different types of on-screen games available, some popular choices for children's ministry include trivia games, memory games, and word puzzles. On-screen games are a fun and interactive way to help kids learn about God and grow in their faith.

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