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Bible Bingo Board Game for Kids (printed)

Bible Bingo Board Game for Kids (printed)

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Bible Bingo is a simple and fun game that also helps players become more familiar with the Bible. The Bingo cards you find in this game are specially designed to correspond to how the Bible is organized. They are divided into distinct, colored sections which match the sections of the Bible.

Combine the fun and interaction of Bingo with learning about the books and sections of the Bible!

Bible Bingo replaces conventional numbers with the 66 books of the Bible to help players become more familiar with the Bible.

 Ages 6+
15-minute Playing Time
2-24 Players

  • Simple and fun game
  • Great for bringing people together
  • Learn about the books and sections of the Bible as you play
  • 400 ready-to-play plastic Bingo chips
  • Play over and over again with 24 unique, double-sided Bible Bingo Cards
  • Play at home, in church or at small group gatherings
  • Suitable for kids, youth and adults
  • Great as gifts
  • Includes a 12-page overview of the books and sections of the Bible

Game Contents

24 Bible Bingo Cards:
Each unique, double-sided Bible Bingo Card is printed on large 6 x 8 inch cards. (150 x 200mm)
Bible Bingo Cards are divided into sections, with each section having a distinct border color. These sections correspond to the sections of the Bible.
Examples: Old Testament Law, Old Testament History, New Testament Letters from Paul, etc.

66 Bible Bingo Calling Cards:
66 Bible Bingo Calling Cards correspond to 66 books of the Bible.
Each card is illustrated to reflect the contents of their respective book.
The color bar at the bottom of Bible Bingo Calling Cards match the border color on Bible Bingo Cards.
Bible Bingo Calling Cards are printed on bridge sized cards (2¼ x 3½ inches; 57 x 88mm).

400 Plastic Bingo Chips:
These ¾ inch (19mm) transparent colored plastic Bingo chips are perfect for keeping track of books of the Bible that have been called.
WARNING: Not for children under 3 years.

16-page Full-color Quick Guide:
Contains game instructions plus a 12-page overview of the Books and Sections of the Bible.

Product Size: 6¼ x 8¼ x 1¾ inches (160 x 210 x 42mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love the fact that there are pictures for the younger kids to match with while they become familiar with the books.

Dawn Helbig

I am currently teaching my 4-12 years olds in Kidz Club Ministry the Books of the Bible and this was the PERFECT add on tool. They had fun playing the game and learning the Book names in one lesson!

Diane Hinton
Books of the Bible Bingo Game

We have been using the Books of the Bible Bingo Game during Sunday School Class with ages 8-11. The class really likes playing this game and it is helping them become familiar with the titles of the books in the Bible. We will be using this game with Rt. 66 A Road Trip Through the Books of the Bible.

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