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Big Bible Words 8-Week Curriculum on Salvation and Big Words (download only)

Big Bible Words 8-Week Curriculum on Salvation and Big Words (download only)

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Make the Big Words of the Bible Understandable!

The Bible is full of BIG words that can seem really intimidating to kids (and let’s face it, to adults to). So, instead of skipping over them, Big Bible Words introduces those words and helps kids to make these words a part of their everyday vocabulary. In these 8 lessons, children will come face to face with words like election, faith, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification, and will see what all these words have to do with salvation. They’ll grow in their understanding of the work of salvation that Jesus did and see salvation as the gift that it is. With 60-90 minutes of teaching materials, these lessons are perfect to use for Sunday School, Children’s Church, mid-week discipleship times, or even as a pre or post baptism class. The 8-week format makes them perfect for summertime when you may choose to have a break in your regular teaching schedule. 

Along with a focus on the BIG words of the Bible, these lessons also include games and activities to help kids learn the books of the Bible. The idea behind combining these themes is that the more familiar kids are with the Bible itself, the more time they’ll spend in the Bible, leading to a greater understanding of God’s word (including the BIG words used to explain salvation). Plus, there are worksheets for each of the big words that can be sent home or used as time filler if needed.

Also included in this series is a BONUS lesson using the book “The Prince’s Poison Cup” by R.C. Sproul for large group. Teachers would need a copy of this book for the lesson. The accompanying small group activities include book discussion as well as application, memory verse and prayer activities. This lesson is a great lesson to use at an evangelistic event, or to wrap up and review this series on salvation.

For 200+ lessons by Bethany Darwin and many other ministry resources, please click here.

8 Sunday School Lessons on the Big Words of the Bible

  • Election – Chosen by God
                Bible Story: Jacob & Esau – Genesis 25
                The Point: God has chosen people for Himself
                Memory Verse: Ephesians 1:4

  • Faith Comes by Hearing
                 Bible Story: Paul preaches in Athens – Acts 17
                The Point: God calls His people through His Word
                Memory Verse: Romans 10:17

  • Regeneration: New Life
                Bible Story: Jesus and Nicodemus - John 3:1-21
                The Point: God gives His people new life
                Memory Verse: Ephesians 2:4-5

  • Conversion: Repentance and Faith
                Bible Story: Paul’s Conversion – Acts 9 & 22
                The Point: God calls us to repent and believe in Jesus by faith
                Memory Verse: Mark 1:15

  • Justification: Being Made Right
                 Bible Story: What is Justification? - Romans 4 & 5 (& Luke 5)
                The Point: God declares sinners not guilty
                            because of what Jesus did on the cross
                Memory Verse: Romans 4:3

  • Adoption: Becoming Part of God’s Family
                Bible Story: What is Adoption? - Ruth, John 1:12-13 & John 8:31-47
                The Point: God welcomes His people into His family as children of God
                Memory Verse: John 1:12

  • Sanctification: Becoming More Like Jesus
                Bible Story: Zacchaeus Becomes a New Creation in Christ –
                        Luke 19:1-10
                The Point: God changes His children to make them more
                        and more like Jesus
                Memory Verse: Romans 6:13

  • Perseverance & Glorification: God keeps his Children Until the end
                Bible Story: Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life - John 11
                The Point: God promises His children that when they die,
                           they’ll live forever with Him
                Memory Verse: Philippians 3:20

  • BONUS: a Study in Salvation Using the book “The Prince’s Poison Cup”
    Lesson Focus: What did Jesus do for us?  (Gospel Review)
                Memory Verse: John 3:16


    • Introductory Activity
    • Large Group Worship Time
      • Welcome activity
      • Study God’s Word – teaching materials for the Biblical text
      • Prayer
    • Small Group Lessons (2 options – ages 5-8 and ages 8-12)
      • Review
      • Application
      • Memory Verse
      • Prayer
      • All necessary printables and resources
    • Worksheets (could be used for take home pages)

    ABOUT THIS Kids Sunday School CURRICULUM

    • Perfect for ages 5-11 (grades K-6 in the USA)
    • 8-weeks of teaching material
    • 200+ pages of material
    • Requires 60-90 minutes per lesson
    • Scripture verses from ESV
    • This is an instant download curriculum


    Bethany Darwin spent 20 years working full-time in children’s ministry before recently coming home to raise her son. During her years in children’s ministry, Bethany discovered gaps in the available curriculum and often struggled to find a curriculum that worked in her church setting. It was this discovery that awakened a passion in her for writing children’s ministry curriculum. 

    Bethany is a popular curriculum writer for Ministry-to-children and you can find many resources of hers there. You can connect with Bethany through Facebook at ‘Treasure Trunk Books’ or on IG at ‘Treasure Trunk Kids.’ On these pages, she shares articles and resources for families as well as what she is doing to point her little one to Christ. You can also find other resources of hers there. Bethany is a member of Bethany Bible Church in Thousand Oaks, CA. Bethany is also the author of "Sing and Play Big Bible Truths" (a book to help families teach the Bible to toddlers) and "Is It Time Yet?" (a family advent book). 

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