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The Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

The Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

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🚸 Ages 6-12 Years Old

This lesson explores a somewhat challenging story but covers an important life truth in the process. The slaughter of children ordered by Herod was an awful episode in the history of Israel, but God rescued Jesus and His family, sending an angel to give Joseph special instructions. Use a blindfolded volunteer and specific directions to illustrate the trust required in following God’s commands. The focus of this lesson is on trusting God, even during scary circumstances. We don’t always understand what is happening, but we can listen to our Heavenly Father and know that He is with us and wants what’s best for us.

The Lord promises to be with us and take care of us, no matter what else is happening in our lives. He sent an angel to warn Joseph that the family needed to leave for Egypt, which kept Jesus safe until Herod was no longer a threat to the Christ child. He will always be with us and keep us safe, too. Life can be scary and uncertain at times, but we can always count on Him for safety, love, and protection.

Bible Passage: Matthew 2:13-23 

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade (may be best suitable for older audiences)

Materials Needed: Construction paper, markers, stickers, scissors, tape/glue, popsicle sticks, paper plates, paper bags, coffee filters, paper towel tubes, string, pipe cleaners, decorations (all optional, depending which activities you choose to use). Object lesson props can include blindfolds, special treats of some sort of treat.

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 12 reviews
            Regina Ward

            The Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

            Tanya Thomson
            Excellent Lesson -The Escape to Egypt

            Our Religious Ed students loved this lesson plan. We talked about trust and blind faith in God. We used the blindfold activity with a little treasure at the end of the "journey". Kids took turns being blindfolded and directing each other. A fun and powerful exercise in understanding our relationship with God.

            Nigel Norris

            The Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

            Carole Andrades
            Just used it today

            Thank you so much for this lesson. It has been a great help and guide as we are only a very small Sunday School group they are invaluable and we have just used it for our lesson today, God Bless you.

            Gary Strugari
            Escape to Egypt

            Absolutely love the lesson. The children stay focused and take part in all the teaching throughout the lesson. Thank you so much for creating these lessons that are easy to follow, have great storylines to teach and lots of fun for the children. Our class is ages 5 to 11 and all the children participate and have fun.

            Maricruz Servin-Navarro

            The Escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-23) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

            sally morton
            A wonderful resource. lesson, craft, printables..great

            Like Always great Sunday school lessons for 1st, 2nd graders

            Caroline Kingsnorth
            The Escape to Egypt

            We enjoyed the chance to talk with the children about trusting in God to lead us.

            Kathy Kelley
            Bible Activities

            I used only a tiny bit of the information provided but that was because I ran out of presentation time. I especially liked that I could choose which version of the Bible I wanted to use. In my church we only use the King James Version.

            Maureen Ferrer

            I only teach 2 children but they enjoyed the story and craft page