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Esau Forgives Jacob (Genesis 29, 33) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

Esau Forgives Jacob (Genesis 29, 33) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

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Forgiveness is a theme that appears throughout the Bible, and is essentially the whole message of God’s word and plans. We have received remarkable forgiveness, grace, and mercy through the death of Jesus. God wants us to pass that along to others. Forgiveness mends relationships and heals us, as well. Forgiveness and healing are key to the story of Jacob and Esau, the second half and conclusion of which are explored here. 

 The reunion of Jacob and Esau offers a beautiful reminder of the power of reconciliation and forgiveness. Esau could have held onto his bitter feelings toward his brother, and could have followed through with his plan for revenge. However, he let things go instead. His act of mercy freed his brother and restored their relationship. It is important for children to understand that when we forgive others, it frees and restores us, too. Holding onto grudges weighs us down, but grace can mend broken hearts. It’s also essential to forgive others because we know that God has forgiven us. Knowing His grace and mercy should motivate us to pass it on to those around us. 

Passage: Genesis 29:15-20, 32:3-21, 33:1-11 

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade 

Materials Needed: Construction paper; large backpack or heavy items; decorative supplies; glue; markers or crayons; tape; scissors; paper plates; brad fasteners; Bibles.

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