Jesus Appears to the Disciples (Luke 24:36-48) Kids' Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities PDF

Jesus Appears to the Disciples (Luke 24:36-48) Kids' Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities PDF

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🚸 Ages 6-12 Years Old

The “Sunday School answer” is stereotypically Jesus, but the truth is that He is at the center of all things, in the Bible and in our lives. This lesson uses puzzles and pictures to demonstrate how we can step back and see the “big picture” significance of Christ. After His resurrection, Jesus came to His disciples and opened their eyes to understand that everything in Scripture and history led up to Him. Help children see how the Messiah is the “big picture answer” to our questions. He is the “missing piece” that satisfies and guides all things!

What’s the big idea? Sometimes we have a tendency to get caught up in smaller details and miss out on a broad scope of things. Sometimes we don’t understand the “big picture” God has for us, whether because of our own distraction or because God’s plans aren’t fully revealed. Stepping back helps us to see how essential the Resurrection is to our faith.  Jesus lived, died, and rose for us! All Old Testament prophecies and events lead up to Him, and all New Testament events spread His story. Jesus is always with us and will help us to understand when we lose our way. 

Passage: Luke 24:36-48

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade 

Materials Needed: Construction paper; watercolors; glue; markers or crayons; tape; scissors; decorative supplies; Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish; jigsaw puzzles; Bibles.

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Revealing the Big Picture - Luke 24:36-48 is a Bible lesson and activity pack for children to help them understand the significance of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. The lesson uses puzzles and pictures to illustrate how we can step back and see the “big picture” of God’s plan for us, and how Jesus is the “missing puzzle piece” that makes everything make sense. The lesson also includes activities such as a jigsaw puzzle, a Bible story, and a discussion about trusting in God’s plan.

Easy-Prep Bible Lesson

  • Target Age: elementary school, adaptable for K-6th grades
  • Translation: choose NIV, ESV or KJV
  • Stand-alone lesson plan
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  • Flexible teaching plan for mixed age groups
  • Ideal for Kids' Church or Sunday School (45-60 minutes teaching time)

Attention Keeping Activities

  • Object Lesson with video demonstration
  • Game Suggestions
  • Easy To Follow Teaching Plan
  • Craft Ideas with video demonstration 
  • Coloring Page
  • Word Find Worksheet
  • Memory Verse Poster
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Banso Kang

I loved this. Perfect for all ages to understand. Children were delighted and I was so pleased. Thankyou so much God bless this ministry

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