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One Thankful Leper (Luke 17:11-19) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

One Thankful Leper (Luke 17:11-19) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

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🚸 Ages 6-12 Years Old

The story of Jesus healing the ten lepers contains several important insights. For kids, one obvious take-away is the value of gratitude and saying thank you—both to people and especially to God. This story also includes a message of the mercy of Christ. He healed the stricken men, and even though only one returned to say thank you, He did not punish those who neglected to do so. Another interesting note is that the man who did come back was a Samaritan, typically looked down on in Jewish culture. This lesson focuses largely on the element of thanksgiving, but feel free to use whatever methods and emphasis you prefer to communicate the Scripture.

Perhaps this story would better be called the one leper, as our focus is really on the single Samaritan who returned to Jesus in grateful appreciation for healing.  God has given us so much in life, and the natural expression of appreciation for His care should be genuine thanks. Being thankful for God’s blessings is not by any means a requirement for salvation, but the Lord loves it when we show gratitude for His work in our lives. Recognizing all that He has done and given, how and why would we not give thanks?

Passage: Luke 17:11-19; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Philippians 4:6-7

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade

Materials Needed: Construction paper; paper bags; glue; popsicle sticks; stickers; googly eyes; felt; pipe cleaners; tape; scissors; decorative supplies; Bibles. Object lesson props can include thank you cards, signs with “thank you” written in various languages, possible gifts that one might give in gratitude.      

Easy-Prep Bible Lesson

  • Target Age: elementary school, adaptable for K-6th grades
  • Translation: choose NIV, ESV or KJV
  • Stand-alone lesson plan
  • 17-pages of teaching material
  • Instant digital download
  • Flexible teaching plan for mixed age groups
  • Ideal for kids church or Sunday School (45-60 minutes teaching time)

Attention Keeping Activities

  • Object Lesson with video demonstration
  • Game Suggestions
  • Easy To Follow Teaching Plan
  • Craft Ideas with video demonstration 
  • Coloring Page
  • Word Find Worksheet
  • Memory Verse Poster

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The ten lepers

I liked he activities and I used the “Thank You” activity in a different way but it was great for thanksgiving

Michael Merloe

One Thankful Leper (Luke 17:11-19) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

Lisa Day

One Thankful Leper (Luke 17:11-19) Printable Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities

Angela Baile

Love this! We just used this last Sunday and the kids really payed attention and enjoyed it!!
Thanks so much!!


I am a new Sunday school teacher searching for lesson plans for middle school kids

Susan Walworth

Very good lesson for young students very easy to teach. Thank you for all you do God Bless.

Maureen Ferrer

The kids liked it and it was easy to teach

Nancy Perez
One Thankful Leper

It was a complete and beneficial unit easy for children to understand. I definitely recommended it.

Benjamin Kazungu
One Thankful leper

The lesson is well detailed and the activities are wonderful 👍🏿👍🏿

Charity Shifflett

Very simple resource. I would recommend