Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-40) Kids' Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities PDF

Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-40) Kids' Bible Lesson & Sunday School Activities PDF

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🚸 Ages 6-12 Years Old

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian is a fascinating encounter among many in the book of Acts. Through it we see how the Holy Spirit guides us and equips us to carry out His work. It is important for us to have the courage and willingness to share the Gospel with others, and God helps us do that! This lesson explores the story of Philip’s meeting with the foreign man and reminds children that God uses us to teach others about Him. Just as we learn when others show and teach us things, we can pass along what we know about Jesus. 

God loves us and has done remarkable things in our lives. Knowing that good news should inspire us to pass it onto others. With Philip and the Ethiopian, we see how the contagious enthusiasm of good teachers helps us to understand and inspires us to continue to spread the Gospel message. The great news is that we are not alone in these efforts. The Holy Spirit promises to help and guide us, just as He did with Philip. 

Passage: Acts 8:26-40

Target Audience: Kindergarten-6th grade 

Materials Needed: Construction paper; cardboard tubes; glue; markers or crayons; tape; scissors; decorative supplies; string; paper cups; instruction manual; dominoes; maps; Bibles.

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This Bible lesson plan for children is about the story of Philip and Ethiopia. The lesson encourages children to learn and be willing to teach others about Jesus and how the Holy Spirit helps us in these efforts. It includes a game and activities, a Bible story, and a main teaching.

Easy-Prep Bible Lesson

  • Target Age: elementary school, adaptable for K-6th grades
  • Translation: choose NIV, ESV or KJV
  • Stand-alone lesson plan
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  • Flexible teaching plan for mixed age groups
  • Ideal for Kids' Church or Sunday School (45-60 minutes teaching time)

Attention Keeping Activities

  • Object Lesson with video demonstration
  • Game Suggestions
  • Easy To Follow Teaching Plan
  • Craft Ideas with video demonstration 
  • Coloring Page
  • Word Find Worksheet
  • Memory Verse Poster
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