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United in Christ: 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

United in Christ: 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

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🚸 Ages 6-12 Years Old
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“United in Christ” is about the togetherness we share with all believers. This world is full of division. Kids need the love and unity of the church more than ever. As followers of Jesus, we can experience joy in our relationships together. This 4-week curriculum series will help children discover the blessings of the church.

Big Idea: Jesus surrounds me with his love of Jesus through the church.

Memory Verse: Psalm 133:1 

  • Lesson 1: What Jesus Said About Unity. John 13:35
  • Lesson 2: Unity as the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:12
  • Lesson 3: How to ‘Put On’ Unity. Gal. 3:26-27
  • Lesson 4: What Unity Looks Like. John 13:12-17

Credits: This series is written by Elizabeth James. The editors were Samuel O’Neal and Andrew Toy.

Translation: This series is written to work with any Bible translations and poster visuals are included using the NIV, ESV, and KJV.

      Attention-Keeping Learning Activities 

      • Easy to teach lesson plan
      • Discussion questions and prayer
      • Memory verse activity
      • Printable word search worksheets
      • Bible story coloring pages
      • Parent take-home review sheets
      • Craft activities

      Perfect for Children's Ministry or Sunday School

      Use this Bible study in your children's ministry, kids' church, or Sunday School. Our curriculum includes everything you need to keep the children's attention, get them into God's Word, and help them grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

      • 56 pages of teaching material
      • perfect for children aged 6 to 12 (Kindergarten to 6th grade)
      • designed for small churches
      • instant digital download in one print-friendly PDF file
      • flexible teaching activities designed for elementary-aged students
      • unlimited permission to share directly with volunteers or families in your church

      Church Unity Curriculum for Kids:

      In a world filled with division and discord, the loving unity of the church stands as a beacon of hope and support for our children. "United in Christ" is a heartwarming 4-week curriculum series designed to help young learners embrace the joy and blessings of being part of a Christ-centered community. Together, we can empower them to build strong, lasting relationships that reflect the love of Jesus.

      Big Idea: Jesus surrounds me with His love through the church.

      Memory Verse: Psalm 133:1

      Embark on an inspiring adventure through these uplifting weekly lessons:

      • Lesson 1: What Jesus Said About Unity (John 13:35)
      • Lesson 2: Unity as the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12)
      • Lesson 3: How to 'Put On' Unity (Galatians 3:26-27)
      • Lesson 4: What Unity Looks Like (John 13:12-17)

      Our all-inclusive curriculum features:

      • Comprehensive lesson plans with easy-to-follow instructions
      • Engaging activities, games, and crafts for hands-on learning
      • Memory verse poster and visual to reinforce key messages
      • Take-home materials to strengthen family connections and faith conversations

      Translations: Designed to work seamlessly with any Bible translation, our curriculum includes poster visuals in NIV, ESV, and KJV versions.

      Experience the transformative power of unity as you guide your children through this enriching journey. "United in Christ" will nurture their hearts and minds, fostering a deep connection to the church and inspiring them to live out their faith in harmony with fellow believers.

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