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I AM: 6-Week Curriculum on the Person of Christ (download)

I AM: 6-Week Curriculum on the Person of Christ (download)

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Introduce Children to Jesus as He Introduced Himself!

These days, discussions of identity are everywhere. Use this series to help children understand the identity of Jesus, and by more clearly knowing who Jesus is, they'll better understand who they are. In these lessons, children will see the different descriptions that Jesus used for Himself and how He truly is the only way to be saved.

“I Am” is a 6-week lesson series focusing on who Jesus says He is. By looking at the “I AM” statements of Jesus from the book of John, students will come face to face with Jesus and gain an understanding of who Jesus is and what He came to earth to do. The most shocking discovery they will make is to see that Jesus is fully God. He is the I AM revealed in the Old Testament, come to earth to rescue His people. 

For 200+ lessons by Bethany Darwin and many other ministry resources, please click here.

The book of John contains 7 “I AM” statements. Two of these statements are included in one lesson. In week 3, we focus primarily on Jesus being the good shepherd and what that means, but as it’s in the same passage, the truth of Him being the gate/ door is also mentioned and taught briefly in large group, while small groups focus mainly on the shepherd nature of Christ. The truth behind that statement is fleshed out more in week 5 as we look at Jesus being the way, truth, and life, focusing on Him being the only way to God the Father.

6 Sunday School Lessons on the I AM statements of Christ

  • I AM the Bread of Life
    • Text – John 6
    • Feeding of the 5000
    • Main Point – Jesus is the Bread of Life

  • I AM the Light of the World
    • Text – John 8
    • Jesus Teaches About Himself
    • Main Point – Jesus is the Light of the World

  • I AM the Good Shepherd
    • Text – John 10
    • The Good Shepherd
    • Main Point – Jesus is the Good Shepherd

  • I AM the Resurrection and the Life
    • Text – John 11
    • Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life
    • Main Point – Jesus Triumphs Over Death
  • I AM the Way, Truth and Life
    • Text – John 14
    • Jesus Teaches About Heaven
    • Main Point – Jesus is the Only Way to God

  • I AM the Vine
    • Text – John 15
    • Jesus Teaches About the Vine and the Branches
    • Main Point – Christians Need to Stay Connected to Jesus


    • Introductory Activity
    • Large Group Worship Time
      • Welcome activity
      • Study God’s Word – teaching materials for the Biblical text
      • Prayer
    • Small Group Lessons (2 options – ages 5-8 and ages 8-12)
      • Review
      • Application
      • Memory Verse
      • Prayer
      • All necessary printables and resources
    • Take home – family devotional guide 

    ABOUT THIS Kids Sunday School CURRICULUM

    • Perfect for ages 5-11 (grades K-6 in the USA)
    • 6-weeks of teaching material
    • 150+ pages of material
    • Requires 60-90 minutes per lesson
    • Scripture verses from ESV
    • This is an instant download curriculum


    Bethany Darwin spent 20 years working full-time in children’s ministry before recently coming home to raise her son. During her years in children’s ministry, Bethany discovered gaps in the available curriculum and often struggled to find a curriculum that worked in her church setting. It was this discovery that awakened a passion in her for writing children’s ministry curriculum. 

    This 6 part "I AM" Statements of Christ Lesson series is available only from The Sunday School Store.

    Bethany is a popular curriculum writer for Ministry-to-children and you can find many resources of hers there. You can connect with Bethany through Facebook at ‘Treasure Trunk Books’ or on IG at ‘Treasure Trunk Kids.’ On these pages, she shares articles and resources for families as well as what she is doing to point her little one to Christ. You can also find other resources of hers there. Bethany is a member of Bethany Bible Church in Thousand Oaks, CA. Bethany is also the author of "Sing and Play Big Bible Truths" (a book to help families teach the Bible to toddlers) and "Is It Time Yet?" (a family advent book). 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Dora Breuninger
    Fabulous lesson

    The lesson is amazing. I was expecting the 6 lessons though, so one lesson was disappointing...possibly it was stated that it was only a sample lesson. If $ was not object, I would get the whole's a powerful one to have all the games, verses, graphics prepare, that's huge!

    Kenisha Malone
    Loved It!!!

    We loved it so much that we bought the entire curriculum.

    Ngan Do

    I AM: 6-Week Curriculum on the Person of Christ (download only)

    Sandra Martin
    I Am

    I shared two weeks worth of lessons. I appreciate the material which can be shared in a Spanish culture. The attributes of God are for everyone and I can change the application to work in here. Thank you for the blessings of these lessons.

    Julia Flowers

    Enjoyed it

    Connie Blose
    I AM

    The children, asked a lot questions. It made the older children think.

    Jessica Whitaker

    I AM: 6-Week Curriculum on the Person of Christ (download only)

    Pat Naragon

    I haven’t started it yet but after reading the material I am excited to begin.

    Great Presentation

    We’re planning to use it during the month of April. My staff and I are excited to present this download activity to our Zuri. Youth.

    Diane Brunk
    I AM