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Jessa McClure

Parable of the Lamp Stand Bible Bites Sample Lesson (free download)

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Kids love snacks, especially when they help prepare the food.

Bible Bites is a 10-Lesson curriculum that uses simple recipes to explore the parables of Jesus. Children will love the hands-on experience, the yummy treats, and learning these powerful lessons directly from the stories told by Jesus Christ. Bible Bites is guaranteed to keep kids’ attention, get them into God’s Word, and engage them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Bible Bites: 10-Lesson Sunday School Curriculum

Click here to see the complete Bible Bites is a 10-week Sunday School Curriculum on the Parables of Jesus for children.

  • The way to a child’s heart is through fun and food! So, why not combine these elements with Biblical knowledge to feed their bodies and their souls?
  • Kids will love this easy-to-digest teaching format. In each lesson, kids will prepare and enjoy a snack while learning about the parables of Jesus.

Parables of Jesus: Free Sample Lesson

This free sample lesson will teach kids the Parable of the Lamp Stand from Matthew 5:14-16. The following teaching activities are included in this 17 page download.

  • Snack Activity
  • Bible lesson plan
  • Discussion questions and prayer
  • Memory verse activity
  • Printable Bible activity worksheets
  • Multiple age-appropriate learning activities
  • Parent take home review sheets
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    Customer Reviews

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    Ashley Dait

    Children's bible story book

    Sandra Todd

    This lesson is informative and simple but deep. It touches all ages. As I spoke with the children on the light within as we made the candles and unpacked the story, you could see the true light switch on in their smiles. They definitely got God's message with this one!