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The Holy Spirit and Me: Free Week #1 Sample Lesson

The Holy Spirit and Me: Free Week #1 Sample Lesson

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“The Holy Spirit and Me” is all about the third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit can be difficult to understand, but He provides the spiritual power available to all believers. Jesus frequently taught the importance of knowing God through the presence of the Holy Spirit. This 4-week curriculum series will help elementary-aged children understand and experience the Holy Spirit daily. 

Big Idea: Because Jesus loves me, He sends the Holy Spirit to help me.

Memory Verse: Romans 5:5 NIV, KJV, ESV poster included

  • Lesson 1: The Holy Spirit’s Presence is a Gift. Luke 11:11-13
  • Lesson 2: The Holy Spirit Helps Me. John 14:16-17
  • Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit Teaches Me Truth. John 16:13-14
  • Lesson 4: The Holy Spirit Empowers Me. Acts 1:8

Translation: This series is written to work with any Bible translations and poster visuals are included using the NIV, ESV, and KJV.

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