Reviews: Churches Love Our Sunday School and Children's Ministry Curriculum

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Tucked this away for when I need Bible class material. Some great ideas for bringing the lesson to the kids’ level.

Extremely thoughtful and organized way to teach children about Jesus

I so much enjoyed the lesson Noah! It was well planned out, fun and creative. I recommend this platform for anyone. We need this now more than ever to build our kingdom children and prepare them for what's to come. Thank you so much for answering God's call to put this together, God bless you and your team!

Patriotic Independence Printables (FREE) Coloring Pages for the 4th of July (6 Pages) download only

This lessons are a big help to my Sunday group and the kids love the activities

"Fruit of the Spirit" Kindness Sample Lesson


This lesson was extremely helpful with good questions and ideas to use with children.

was great to use

The Sunday School class really enjoyed coloring the pictures for the 4th of July

Great resource

Simple and Efficient resources. Love the activities section and the kids enjoyed the pussle


These object lesson are great. They help explain the topic where the kids can understand the main point of the lesson.

all of it

hi i am super impressed with your lessons and ideas , great stuff that you have and it helps me a lot..

Coloring pages

I love having access to the free coloring pages available based on scriptures.


Just starting out

I just started the summer games lessons with my kids. I love how it explains information about the story and the questions how it relates to us and the story. It’s easy for the kids to understand it and able to answer the questions.

Great resource

Find all these lessons a great resource for my classes

Sunday's Children's Sermons

Love all of your material. I only have about 10 minutes each Sunday to interact with our children during our worship service. So, whatever the topic our adults learn and remember the same message. It is also a social time form our children to interact with me and the other children.
I had a lesson not too long ago where we talked about Jesus being in our hearts. So, I asked one of my 6-year-olds if he had Jesus in his heart and he said "NO". The little boy beside him quickly looked at him placing his pointed finger on his chest and said very loudly, "YES YOU DO"! The congregation loved the response. With a response like that, you know the children are listing. Amen Thank you so much for offering free material otherwise I could not share as well as I do. God bless you all for your great work.

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Just starting

I’m new at this and this will come in handy

Great resource!

Super easy to get material for Sunday school. Thank you for providing quality items for the kingdom!

Summer Coloring Pages (FREE) Give God Thanks for Summertime (download only)

Perfect Activities

These coloring pages and activities are truly a gem in my grand daughters lives..Thank you!!

Beautiful designs

Beautiful designs, but some could look like the others with a repeated background, other than that amazing work! Thanks so much for all of the free designs you give. God bless your ministry!