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Your ministry offers so much!! I will be ordering a full study from you soon. Just cannot make up my mind as to which one. I had hoped our Wednesday night services would start back in time to use the valentine bundle.s till May use it anyway. Thank y’all for all you do!

Take the Challenge

This is a good option for young elementary-aged children....They enjoy the various challenges and aligning them to Bible study is awesome!

It's a blessing !

It's a blessing to have these materials available to all our Sunday school teachers . It's easy to follow and fits exactly the needs for our Sunday School Program . Thanks for putting these together for us .

SS material

I haven't used the material yet but have like what I have seen as I study it. I look forward to using it as most fits the ages in our Sunday School.

What Really Matters! Free Sample Lesson (download only)

Affordable and quality

Thank you for having an affordable, quality Sunday School curriculum that small churches can afford!

Easy download

Easily accessed and shared with church administrators.

This was a great lesson truly a blessing

Timely, Spirit Led, Easy to Understand and Teach!

This past Christmas season, I had a bit of an epiphany, or rude awakening, whichever description works best, regarding my Children's Ministry class, and the approach I had been taking about their education. Up until COVID-19 hit, my core group had always been around 10-15 children, aged 2-11. These were always broken into smaller pods, each with a different teacher. I taught those aged 4-11. Well, after the COVID-19 shutdown, that core group stopped showing up, and we re-grouped with who did. In our case, it was the littles, aged 2-6 and no one else. I realized very quickly that they had been skaing by on general knowledge of the Bible and God, but that when it came to Jesus, salvation, Holiness... they knew next to nothing. I immediately began praying about how to best minister to this group, and wouldn't you know, the very next week I received an email from the Sunday School Store that was an answered prayer! We had our first lesson from 01/02/2022 on The Bible and God's Plan for Salvation on this Sunday, and it was so perfect! Thank you so much for creating quality content! Keep up the Good Work!
With Love,
Ashley Murphy

Manageable and Informative

I enjoy Sunday School Works because it is easy to follow and adaptable to various age groups. Thank you!

Fruit of the spirit - Kindness, sample lesson

In general, I found quite helpful to know the steps and the activities to teach about the fruit of the spirit. The steps and activities are clear. It is a good piece of material.
Best regards,

New year New life

I like their stuff. They make it easy to min I Sterling to the children.

52 - Week Sunday school Curriculum Bundle

Had been looking for exactly this kind of curriculum for our new Bible group. Has lots of material to use , more than I need. Thank you for the small cost you offer.


Thank you so much it's so helpful I have enjoy on how you have explain the theme of Thankful still
I really appreciate you
I'm also a teacher of Sunday school here in Malawi dzaleka refugee camp at A.P.Church. #APChildrensMinistry

Books of the Bible Bingo Game

We have been using the Books of the Bible Bingo Game during Sunday School Class with ages 8-11. The class really likes playing this game and it is helping them become familiar with the titles of the books in the Bible. We will be using this game with Rt. 66 A Road Trip Through the Books of the Bible.

Very helpful specially during our Virtual Kids Church

These materials made our Sunday School preparation very easy! Lessons activities are very engaging! Thank you so much.

Great lesson!

This lesson was very good and I liked the way it went through the message of the verses step-by-step to help the kids pay attention.


The content is very detailed and informative.
Well done.

I love the package you have and my class enjoys them too. I teach Sunday school from k through 6 grade. I have some that likes hidden pictures pages, some that word search and a coloring page.I enjoy the object lessons too.

Be an influencer: Free Sample

The lesson was very relevant to children today.

Challenge Accepted: FREE Sample Lesson (download only)

Very creative activities for children and families to know and learn the events surrounding Christ's birth. We used this on a small scale - (about 7 of the games) , just for our church kids because of the timing of the purchase. They participated with enthusiasm! Our hope is to use this eventually for a community outreach. What a great resource to have and uniquely adaptable. Thank you.

Captivating !

Great Intro to storytelling of the Savior. A straightforward account of the life and times of Jesus, in simle termimology for a child's understanding. Discussions to contrast & compare were spot on. Well done!

Who Jesus is

I used this lesson for Children's Church 7- 12 year Olds. I used my tablet to play the songs and show the lyrics to them. The children were involved and participated well during this lesson.