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I like how in-depth this study is- tying to the Old and New Testaments. Good for higher end of elementary and kids who have likely heard Easter story many times and looking for a new approach to teach it.
The activities are simple and low prep.


Wonderful program. I use it for my special needs class. Very versatile and easy to follow. Thanks so much for writing and sharing. God Bless

Planning to use this on Easter Day

We have a small church with only 2 children in our Sunday School. I plan to use the poem with the children on Easter day in Sunday School. Then during the announcements at the end of the service, have them use big M's to tell the congregation the 4 ways to look at it and what each way means. We will have the poem printed out and small bags of M&Ms for them to pass out to the congregation. Thank you.

The Lessons for Little People are a Blessing!!!

I truly appreciate being able to download lessons to teach my 2-4 year olds about the importance of learning who God is.

St Patrick Materials

We are a very small church. These materials were perfect for our class size of 8-10 kids. Looking forward to future lessons.

Easter M&Ms poem

Hello I am looking forward to using this at our Easter Sunday sharing time at the end of our service , when the children come into the church to share what they have learnt
Any one got an idea how we can present this cheaply . I did think dressing 4 children as m&ms each with a letter MWE&3 and someone else reading the poem


Easter Coloring Page Bundle

I appreciate so much the free coloring pages you offer. We are a small church and the few children we have love them. Thanks again

Do not fear coloring

Nice and great activity.

Be an Influencer

Really good lesson. The chicken enjoyed the Bible Tube skit. They paid attention...they GOT IT...a good understanding the lesson theme!

Fulfilled: 4-Lesson Easter Curriculum for Kids

The No Rehearsal 100% NO Stress Easter Program

Fulfilled -4 weeks Easter lessons

Today was our first session with Fulfilled. We liked it overall but I did think the lesson was too long for most of the kids to sit through, especially the 1st-3rd graders. I would have liked more creativity shown in teaching the lesson that used more of their learning styles. These days we have a lot of kids with ADHD and forms of autism and need lessons that engage the child in a variety of ways.

I look forward to seeing how the other lessons play out. It was a nice change though from our regular curriculum.

A Sweet Reminder of Easter

It's bright and eye catching but more importantly, the message is clear.


Just what the children need to understand Easter

Easter Colouring Pages

These are great. Going well with pur current easter series.

Thanks for the good work

I really appreciate the possibility of using these documents for my Sunday school.
It’s easy to use and prepare for the different ages of the children.
I think I will come back to download more of your content 😊
All the greetings from Germany.
Have a blessed day!

Great details. Challenging.

We are a small congregation with little resources and we hope to reach many more people with your and Gods help! Thank you, God bless, good health for you and yours!

Good I love it

Excellent content

As a CE teacher, finding content in season and out of season can be difficult. The Sunday School School provides age appropriate and relevant easy to use materials especially for the younger age groups. Thank you so much for thinking about those who may not have the funds to purchase all the time. Blessings always as you give back to God

Easter coloring pages Bundle

Very helpful, thank you so much!

toddler curriculum

I love that this is based on scripture for such little ones and that every lesson has a memory verse built in. They are never too little to hear and take that in and with all that is going on in this world we need to hide His word in their hearts.

M&M poem

So grateful to have this available for treat giving in my classroom. It gives me the opportunity to share the gospel in an unorthodox way.