Reviews: Churches Love Our Sunday School and Children's Ministry Curriculum

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Fruit of the Spirit. Kidness

Thanks for that sample, easy to follow and teach from

Great Resource

Thanks to the team. It is a great resource for Sunday Schools


I loved this. Perfect for all ages to understand. Children were delighted and I was so pleased. Thankyou so much God bless this ministry

sunday school

I have been using this Sunday School for a while now and love their content. Easy to follow kids love it

We loved this easy to do lesson.

Tried this lesson for free and it was so easy and full of Scripture. We quickly found a short video on You Tube about kindness and will be ordering more lessons from this site.

Summer bundle

I am excited to see the new lessons, particularly grouped in themes. I look forward to using them and sharing with my small team.

Spreading hope in the word

Kids absolutely love. They learn and have fun. Thank you.

Great curriculum!

Great material to work with to develop weekly Bible studies with children.

Learning from Doubting Thomas

I have gotten several of your lessons. I find them very helpful. I have kids from 5 to 12 years old in a Sunday School class together. I find things that I think relate to all of them. Thank You

great stuff

Good morning

I always your ideas and puzzles worksheets for our little ones...I even read for myself and learns a lot ...please keep up the good work....I am doing a little booklet for our Sunday school so that they always busy.... you have such great ideas and so easy to teach kids.


These are great, our kids love doing word searches!

Easter colouring/activity pages

These were a wonderful assortment of pages for our Bible Club students to choose from. Thank you for making them so readily available.

The coloring pictures were great! the children enjoy each picture that gave them a picture of how our Lord and savior Jesus Christ resurrected.

Thank you


We only have five little ones in Sunday school so the occasional free download is so welcome. Thank you. Esme

I find every resources from Sunday school store so easy to teach. God bless you all for your amazing work

These free materials for Kids are very helpful specially for those depressed areas in the Philippines where our missionaries are outreaching. Thank you for there is such a program like this.


I am a first time Sunday School teacher of the littles 10 and under, and this site is a life saver!! i cannot say enough good things about it and how much a blessing it is to have these resources. my littles love them and its helped me alot!!

Easter Resources

The Ester Coloring Pages were well done...I will be using some of them Easter Sunday. Thank you for this resource.

Easter word find

Appreciate the gift of these work sheets.
To include the elementry age group would have been more helpful.

perfect material for all seasons and more

I have used your material through the year our church; we have 3 children and 10 adults. We have the best service with your ideas. Thank you soo much for Blessing us with your materials.