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112 Bible Verses Coloring Pages for Kids

Great product for a great price

I downloaded this Christmas program thinking it to easy to do for my kids. I was right it is simple and easy to do. Great program for small churches that doesn't have a lot of children.

Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages (26 pages) download only

Very nice

Very nice for first time Sunday school teachers loved that it's free and easy to download

Keep up the good work , the materials are great and they make it easy for us facilitate and share the word with the kids and also for our learning...


These are so cute. My granddaughter love them when they arrived. She is looking forward to sharing with her friends.
The wording is the true gospel. Thank you for quality work at affordable prices.

FREE Christmas Program: The No Rehearsal 100% NO Stress Christmas Pageant Script



easy to teach for children , interesting, the coloring activity is fun and the kids love it

Fabulous for families

Really happy with these I homeschool my kids so these are brilliant for helping with lessons

Book of Psalms: 37 Page Bible Coloring Book (download only)

We really do like these lessons.

Like very much the products and subjects. Thank you

So nice to have these available for small churches ! Thanks

50 Object Lesson Children's Sermon Bundle (Free Download)

Chosen By God

I really like the ideas that are laid out for teaching the Bible Story Lesson and the interaction with the children. We plant the seeds of God’s truth and God allows it grow in the children’s hearts.

Christmas Light Show Christmas Program

thank you so much for offering great material like the Christmas Light Program. Our church is small with children ages 6- 14. The material can be adapted to use during children's church or with the congregation. I really like the hands-on approach and using material that our children can relate to and teaches the message about the birth of Christ.