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Excellent resources

Thank you for the Father’s Day card pack. They have great pictures and message. Very helpful. God bless!


Worked like a charm

Thank you! What a blessing!

Love your resources! Great to supplement for our activity stations!


Thank you so much for your "free" download of Bible Hero's. It has enriched my ideas on teaching to our little ones. Thank you, May the Lord continue to bless and lead in the direction of giving.

Printable Materials

The materials have been very helpful to our children's ministry. It's easy to download.
Thank you very much.

Fruit of the Spirit

We have a Summer Day Camp at our Church and while looking for material on the Fruit of the Spirit came across your curriculum!!! This has everything that we need for our Bible Study!! Thank you!!!

Just what I was looking for!

Tomorrow, June 6, 2021, I begin a new adventure as the Sunday School teacher for 6-8 year olds. I will video the message in advance for those who are not yet attending in person worship, and I needed something to communicate God’s love with them through the mail. This is perfect! Thank you!

Great stuff

When you have dug the well till it’s dry, the Sunday School Store is there to help you out. Thank you for all your hard work !

Thank youb&God bless you

No issues faced to download.
Pls share other topics

Elementary Bible Class

The lesson you provided was appropriate four several age groups, and fits right in to the plan for the year. We're learning the books of the Bible, and the Hero stories found in them. Thanks for the great ideas!

Ho Ho Hosanna

My Sunday school class has not to use this curriculum yet. We were being carful due to Covid 19. We are hoping to use the curriculum next year.

The Bible

I thought it was very well put together and was impressed with just how much the kids would learn. The learning looked like it would be fun and keep the children involved at all times.

Always amazing!

Your team provides quality materials. You are always helpful. Thank you.

Great resources

Great resources

Amazing material for children

I'm so grateful with God and with you guys. God bless the work of your hands. This material have been a blessing in the classroom where I teach lovely children in Peru. Children love this sheets and it is really a good help for teachers as well. Thank you so much... Greetings from Peru.

Summer Coloring Page

The coloring sheets are always wonderful and can be used in different ways to enhance Bible lessons. I love how the season coloring pages show how God gives us the seasons and He is in everything, even summer vacation.


Love you're all lesson very helpful and easy to use the kids I work with love the lessons

Fruit of the Spirit


Bible Scriptures

Beautiful art work ! To help you study the Bible!

Awesome coloring sheets!

Thank you so much for blessing our ministry with these amazing color sheets for our children :)

Great resource!

Not just this coloring book, but the entire Sunday School Store is a great asset in planning my activities with my Bible study groups. I use SSS to help me reach all kids at all ages and all levels. With this coloring book, what's not to like? It is FREE. Thanks to the great folks who put together these resources. You make my life a lot easier!

Bible Heroes

Looks great and downloaded easily. Can't wait to start using it!

Creation Coloring Book and Conversation

We're using this for a summer connection resource with our kids and encouraging the parents to have conversations with their kids while spending quality time with them. We think it'll be great for kids to know we're thinking of them even if we don't see them again until fall as sometimes happens.

Thankful for this resource!

We're a small church and I am so thankful for the resources your provide!

True JOY: 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

Although our church has not reopened at this time and I am unable to use this curriculum, I have reviewed it and it looks amazing. Can't wait to use it.