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Awesome lessons, very adaptable to various ages. Thank you for sharing.

Awesome Lessons

Just What I Needed

I was looking for something to use after Easter when I received an email about God’s Rescue Plan. I ordered the sample lesson and liked it so much I ordered the 4-week unit. It will take me longer than 4 weeks! Great ideas that I can develop to teach the kids in our church. Thank you for your ministry to children leaders!

Love it!

The lesson is fun colorful and professionally done. Thank you.


Great work. I downloaded the materials but am yet to engage my children on the colouring. Thank you for your effort

my co-teachers loved the materials and the lesson. the teaching is also a great tool for Children ready to face adolesence. Thank you.


This series are in sync with the the previous one "why Easter ". This has made the effort to teach and learning very easy.
Very well planned and thought of.

Child of God

The children ministry in our church has largely been blessed with the teachings / lessons we have gotten so far.
You have laid all messages in a very unique way, having readings, video's, songs and colouring images. We're grateful

Great lesson

The lesson was easy and fun.

Awesome Lesson Plan....

Continue touching the lives of Children and Families.... Blessings 🙏🙏

bingo game bible

love it. believe it will be a great tool in teaching the books of the bible.

Good content and right on with Scripture.

Good material

The material was thorough and complete! Everything anyone would need to teach Sunday School or Bible Study.

God's rescue plan

We will just be starting the series of lesson in another week and I am beyond excited about the material. Our morning worship is also going to be doin a series on the start of the church, so the take home paper is going to be great to keep both the parents/grandparents and the children involved all week in learning more

Well done material.

I really liked the material you allowed me to download and it was very we ll done. Haven'g seen any results from it yeta but the Lord works in His oen time.


Important to teach that people are making a difference

Great lesson plan

It helped us continue our theme for this Easter month in our Misson Adventure Camp (MAC) Afterschool program where finances are limited! Thank you!

Will be starting up Sunday School again soon. If the kids like it, i will be using more

I bought the curriculum!

I love that this curriculum can be adjusted to any group of kids. The ideas are great and doable and not expensive to buy materials for. Snack ideas and games can lead to similar ideas. Great job!

A Good Option

Looking forward to using this curriculum for the weeks leading up to Pentecost Sunday in May! Wish there was a section for preschoolers! Will be adapting options for younger children.

Simple and easy

Very pleased with the selection of materials to choose from. These were great for children in worship!

very resourceful and wonderful initiative

Easter colouring pages

I used these on Easter Sunday for children’s church, the children enjoyed colouring them,
Many thanks


This was a wonderful supplement to our Easter unit study!

Easter coloring pages

The children really enjoyed coloring these pictures. They enjoyed the many choices and I was happy to send them home to their families. I’m sure many went up on refrigerator doors!